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Fallbrook Air Service has served general aviation and the Fallbrook community for over 45 years with aircraft maintenance, hangar/tiedown rental and pilot store.

Aircraft Maintenance


Fallbrook Air Service offers professional aircraft maintanence performed by our own certified aircraft mechanics. For inquiry about services and pricing, call 760-728-1231.

Hangar/Tiedown Rental


Fallbrook Air Service offers both hangar and tiedown rental. Available types of hangers include:

Large Port A Ports @ $345 (on asphalt w/ no power) 

Nested T hangars @ $425 (on concrete w/ power) 

Large box hangar @ $825 (on concrete w/ power, measures 42x50x16)


For more information, call 760-728-1231

Pilot Store


Fallbrook Air Service operates a pilot store that supplies charts, plotters, headsets, fuel gages, training material, oil and aircraft parts. Additional parts and supplies can be ordered and shipped.  

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